Basically I only had one evening in Maribor and if you are a fellow photographer (and most visitors of this site are), you probably know that the ideal light levels for night photography only last for about 20-30 minutes briefly after sundown.

This obviously means the time for moving around, setting up the tripod and actually taking the picture is very limited. My approach to city photography is usually to go on a location scouting trip during daytime (where the light is not interesting for photographic purposes) and mentally taking all the pictures that I want to actually get. When I head out in the evening I already have a very clear visual idea of the final image in my mind.

In my opinion this method has two major advantages.

  1. Since you already know where to go and what to do you can fit in more usable shots in the very limited time frame you have. Being able to get three images instead of one per day makes a huge difference.
  2. It almost completely separates the creative process and the actual logistical and mechanical work.
With 'creative process' I mean the task of finding suitable subjects, getting clear on what you are trying to express with the photo and thinking about viewpoint, perspective and composition. Sometimes I refer to this as 'making' a picture.
The actual work of 'taking a picture' on the other hand involves mainly purely logistical and technical considerations such as:

As a simple piece of advice for you to take away: know as precisely as possible what to shoot before you shoot. A good picture is made in your head, not in your camera.